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ABOUT 'Wretch Like Me'

In David Templeton's award-winning one-man-show (Best Original Show - Stage One Theater Arts Awards, 2010), he recounts the painfully hilarious true story of his life as a teenage, born-again, fundamentalist puppeteer. Set amongst the 1970's beach communities of Southern California, the show has been critically praised for its vivid impersonations of Templeton's colorful band of blissed-out believers, its affectionately scathing descriptions of SoCal Bible-speak ("Faith is giving your whole sandwich to God!"), glimpses into the mysterious latenight "afterglows" of a tiny church called Happy Chapel ("Check it out, people! Tonight . . . were all going to speak in tongues!!")—and for Templeton's uncanny ability to sing Amazing Grace backwards. 'Wretch' is a fiercely funny coming-of-age story with a hell of a twist. Openly autobiographical (with frank references to radical evangelical puppet shows, along with some pretty funny stuff about masturbation in Biblical times), 'Wretch' is packed with colorful characters, from the trippy, logic-deficient minister named Rev. Dude (a former acid-dropping surfer guy who found Jesus in a tent in Hawaii while tripping on magic mushrooms), to The Jesus Lady (a well-meaning Sunday School teacher who promises a tiny bit more than Jesus can deliver) to Cindy, a beautiful, super-intense believer so committed she once wet her pants for Jesus.


"Wretch Like Me is great! If you don't leave feeling better about yourself and about life, you are indeed one miserable reprobate."
Will Durst





"A must see at this year's Fringe!!"

Alex Wooley
Edinburgh Fringe Festival


"Packed with humor and vivid impersonations."
Albert Goodwyn

SF Examiner


"'Wretch' is funny, moving and sweet. David's experience as a 'lost' teenager who finds Jesus, then loses Jesus in the process of finding himself is whimsically wonderful ."

Reed Martin, of the Reduced Shakespeare Co.

"Eccentric, affectionate, and relentlessly funny."

Greg & Suzanne Angeo,, For All Events


"Templeton's charisma sustains the audience! A Show for everyone!"
Lucy Diver,

ED FRINGE Review Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Four Stars! Funny, and thought-provoking. Templeton proves an engaging raconteur with good comic timing and deft use of imagery. 'Wretch Like Me' is the best kind of coming of age story."
Sam Hurwitt, Marin Independent Journal

"Whimsically Wonderful!"

Reed Martin of the Reduced Shakespeare Company

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